Easton Martial Arts Center Cardinal Principle – Respect

Cardinal Principles at the Easton Martial Arts Center

(text paraphrased and taken from Modern Arnis – “Philippine Style of Stick Fighting” by Remy Amador Presas, 1974)


RespectThe cardinal principle at the Easton Martial Arts Center is RESPECT for one’s opponent as a person and as a fighter, and as a sportsman.  It should always be remembered that an opponent is a human being with a dignity as you have and worthy of respect.  Also, do not underrate his fighting ability.  Over-confidence would be costly, if not fatal.  There fore never underestimate the ability of an opponent.  Sportsmanship on the other hand is the measure of a fighter or player.  The laurels of victory should never be worn with superiority but with humility.  Victory is not a stamp of invulnerability but rather a reason for magnanimity.

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