Adult Martial Arts (18 years and over)

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Stress Reduction * Confidence * Coordination * Discipline * Flexibility * Speed * Strength

Easton_Adult_Lesson_01GET THEM ALL! Our Martial Arts Program for Adults will improve your confidence, increase your focus, and develop a better YOU for yourself, your family, and your job.

Our Martial Arts Program for Adults is guaranteed to get you in great shape, decrease stress, build strength, burn fat, increase flexibility, and build razor edge focus in an INJURY FREE environment.Adults trying out a lesson at the Easton Martial Arts Center.

But don’t just take our word for it, this is what others have said:

“The Easton Martial Arts Center is a superbly run school with fantastic teachers! Vince really cares about all of his students, and pushes everyone to achieve their best! I had a bad shoulder, ankles and knees before I started taking classes, and now I have full range of motion and no pain! His school is great for cardio, physical therapy, strength training, mental discipline (and oh yeah, self defense!) Young and old are welcome.  Hands down, signing up for classes at Easton Martial Arts Center is one of the smartest, best, and most important things I have ever done in my life. I HIGHLY recommend this school to ANYONE!!!”    – John J.

“I thoroughly enjoy my karate and tai chi lessons at the Easton Martial Arts Center.Vince’s attention to and enthusiasm towards his students learning and progress is exceptional. He has a great knack of adapting his lessons to meet the level of every student. When I get out of work at the end of the day, I can hardly wait to get to class. It’s a lot of fun and a great stress buster!”  – Deb L.

“If you are debating whether or not to begin training at the Easton Martial Arts Center, my only advice to you is to go in and experience it for yourself. I’ve been training at the Easton Martial Arts Center for almost 3 years,… but I’m leaving for college so my training here is temporarily placed on hold. The instructors, Turo Vince and Turo Piper, have not only inspired me to continue my martial arts training, but also to be a friendlier, more confident individual. As for the training, I have played soccer and basketball for years before starting my training, and I can honestly say that I have no regrets starting martial arts here. The training is tough but Turo Vince adapts it to your specific needs and allows you to become the best that you can be at your own pace. As I mentioned before, go in, meet the instructors, and experience the training for yourself. I hope that this has helped you make your decision, and I also hope to see lots of new faces when I come back to the EMAC from college.”  Vladimir D.

“Great Training: I’ve been going here for about five months and I still look forward to every class. In this time I have lost weight gained muscle and flexability received weapons training and over all feel as though I can better defend myself. The staff are all amazing more than qualified and very helpful. I would recomend the Easton Martial Arts Center to anybody interested in multiple styles of martial arts or even just getting in shape. “