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Tagalog (Filipino) Terminology used at Easton Martial Arts Cent

While far from a complete list, below are some of the more commonly used Tagalog words and phrases used during class time:

One Isa                 Stand Tayo
Two Dalawa Ready Bow Handa Galang
Three Tatlo Teacher Tagapag-Turo
Four Apat Switching Palitan
Five Lima Circling Pabilog
Six Anim Weaving Sinawali
Seven Pito Form Anyo
Eight Walo Staff Sibat
Nine Siyam Nunchaku Tabak Tuyok
Ten Sampu Rope Lubid

Form names in our Curriculum:

Apat Na Sulok:  Four Corners

Anyo Ika Isa – Anim:  Forms 1-6

Arnis-Patalim:  Stick and Dagger

Lubid Anyo Ika Isa:  Single Long Rope

Lubid Anyo Ika Dalawa:  Double Short Rope