Easton Martial Arts Center Cardinal Prinicple – Character

Cardinal Principles at the Easton Martial Arts Center

(text paraphrased and taken from Modern Arnis – “Philippine Style of Stick Fighting” by Remy Amador Presas, 1974)

Dao De - Charatcer

Dao De

A ruffian or bully has no place at the Eason Martial Arts Center.  Refinement in CHARACTER is important.  A student must be taught the moral (and ethical) values of everything.  It is an obligation of the teachers at the Easton Martial Arts Center to mold the character of the student in such a way that their behavioral structure would be motivated by righteous desire.  It is what a person is that counts not the number of trophies they have won.  In spite of the abetted fallacies of values in the present world, it is who you are that will matter in the end.

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