Youth Programs (Ages 6-9 | 10-17)

Dear parents:

Gay_28If you want to know more about the benefits parents in the Easton, Brockton, Stoughton, and Bridgewater area are seeing in their children just fill out the form on the right.


Our unique curriculum has the additional benefit of developing confidence, respect, determination, and patience by working directly with the student AND parent(s).

EastonMartialArtsCenter_SummerCampWk3_28Children (ages 6-9) learn punching and kicking drills, rolling, tumbling, and falling with an emphasis on self defense and self control.  We have a unique system to check our students’ behavior to ensure they get the mental benefits of confidence, respect, determination, and patience.


EastonMartialArtsCenter_SummerCampWk2_33Juniors (ages 10-17) learn advanced martial arts skills and the physical aspect of the training intensifies compared with the Children’s Program.  Free sparring and bladed weapons training are taught to students in the Junior Program. Again, we have a unique system to check our students’ behavior to ensure they get the mental benefits of confidence, respect, determination, and patience.

But don’t just take our word for it, this is what others have said about the Easton Martial Arts Center:

“My son has been a student of this school since he was 4 years old and he is now 11. He absolutely loves this school and as a parent I love it as well. When he first started he was very shy and self conscious and has grown and developed so much with the teaching style and guidance of Turo Vince. As to Turo Vince I would recommend him strongly to anyone interested in signing their child up for martial arts. I have witnessed this man train both Autistic children and a child with Downs Syndrome. He is infinitely patient and kind and I would never consider letting anyone else train my child. Because of Turo Vince and his teaching style my son can both defend himself and has the most gentle spirit.”  – Angela W.

“Thank you so very much for providing a safe, comfortable, encouraging environment for my child to participate and build his confidence! You are making a positive impact on my child, THANK YOU!”   – Nancy G.

“Easton Martial Arts Center is an outstanding school. As a parent of 2 very different children who attend this school, I can honestly say that Turo Vince is a gifted teacher who brings out the best in each child. He has just the right amount of push and praise, and he knows how to motivate his students. My children have become stronger, healthier, more confident, and better students at school because of the lessons they have learned at Easton Martial Arts Center. I would highly recommend EMAC to any parent looking for a martial arts program for their child.”  – Lisa O.

“Great, Great, Great school!!! Both my husband and son have been going for a couple of years now.  Vince is wonderful with the kids and my sons confidence has grown so much because of him.”   –JLP

“our seven year old son started at the martial arts center right after his 5th birthday, and he has enjoyed every minute of it. instructor vince is fantastic with all the kids – just strict enough, but mindful of the fact that they’re kids. our 4 year old started last fall, and he loves it  just as much as his older brother. they have learned so much, and had a wonderful time doing it. i highly recommend the martial arts center for students of all ages – but especially kids!” –  Gigi J.

“This is a great school for training for the whole family. My sons and I thoroughly enjoy our time here. The owner, Vince has a truly inspiring way about him that makes us strive to do our best. My sons have learnt a lot about integrity, kindness, self confidence and self control all while learning self defense. Can’t speak highly enough about this great school.”    – SCC

“If you are debating whether or not to begin training at the Easton Martial Arts Center, my only advice to you is to go in and experience it for yourself. I’ve been training at the Easton Martial Arts Center for almost 3 years,… but I’m leaving for college so my training here is temporarily placed on hold. The instructors, Turo Vince and Turo Piper, have not only inspired me to continue my martial arts training, but also to be a friendlier, more confident individual. As for the training, I have played soccer and basketball for years before starting my training, and I can honestly say that I have no regrets starting martial arts here. The training is tough but Turo Vince adapts it to your specific needs and allows you to become the best that you can be at your own pace. As I mentioned before, go in, meet the instructors, and experience the training for yourself. I hope that this has helped you make your decision, and I also hope to see lots of new faces when I come back to the EMAC from college.”  Vladimir D.