8 Cardinal Principles of the East Coast Jornales System

The 8 Cardinal Principles of the East Coast Jornales System taught at the Easton Martial Arts Center:

1) Respect

2) Humility

3) Character

4) Discipline

5) Self control

6) Sincerity

7) Etiquette

8) Loyalty

These principles serve as a guide in day-to-day decision-making.   They are the cornerstones to being a good leader. They are meant to steer our students on a good path through our civilized society.   Each Principle helps our students know how to interact with others in a positive way.  The Easton Martial Arts Center strives to develop good people, not just good martial artists.

It is sometimes difficult to know right from wrong. There is an exception to every rule, so no law is without loophole or all-encompassing. You must learn to live by Principle rather than by Law.  Obeying the law, while important in our society, is not the same as being moral and ethical.  So often we see examples of leaders comfortable with the idea that as long as they follow the law, then their conscience is clear.  We do not think that is enough.  The Easton Martial Arts Center wants to develop leaders who will act on principles with compassion and care for others.

A principle serves as a guide to making the best choice in the moment. Being principled allows you to move nimbly through the course of life as temptations and distractions come your way. They keep you focused on your goals (that is the secret to attaining them!).

The 8 Cardinal Principles of the Easton Martial Arts Center

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